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Pleasant Valley Speeding Ticket Law Firm

If you have a speeding ticket pending in the Pleasant Valley Town Court, give our award winning lawyers a call today and schedule your confidential consultation.  We can be reached at 800-893-9645.

What is the court’s mailing address?

The court is located at 1554 Main Street, Pleasant Valley, New York. Its postal zip code is 12569.

What is the court’s telephone?

The clerk of the court can be reached via telephone at 845-635-2856.

What is their fax number?
The court’s fax number is 845-635-1989

How many judges preside in Pleasant Valley?

The court has 2 presiding justices.  Currently, they are the Honorable Paul Caltagirone and the Honorable David Sears.

When is court held?

Court is held every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  It is also held on an as needed basis. 

Who are the court clerks? 

The court employs two clerks.  They are Joann Smith (Justice Sears) and Patricia Susczynski (Justice Caltagirone).

What is the role of the court clerk?

A court clerk’s responsibilities will vary from court to court.  For the most part, the clerk helps the judge maintain their day-to-day responsibilities.  This can include answering questions on the telephone, collecting fine money, and sending out correspondence to litigants.

How much time does a driver have to pay a fine?

Fines are expected to be paid at the time the ticket is resolved.  If a driver is need for additional time to pay, a request can be made to the judge.

I mailed my not guilty into the court.  How do I know they received it?

When a driver sends their plea back to the court via mail, we recommend that it be sent with some form of return receipt.  In the alternative, a driver can call the court to ensure their plea has been received.

What am I permitted to bring into the courtroom?

Food and drinks are prohibited in court.  It is recommended that all electronic devices be left in the litigant’s car.

Is there a dress code for court?

It is advisable that drivers appear in court neatly dressed.  A suit is not required for pro-se litigants.  Some judges around the State will frown upon litigants wearing shorts and sandals.

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Here is a list of some common charges were have helped our client’s fight.

·                Speeding under VTL § 1180 (b)
·                Speeding under VTL § 1180 (d)
·                Cell Phone under VTL § 1225
·                Child Seatbelt under VTL § 1229
·                Failure to Move Over under VTL § 1144-A
·                Failure to Signal under VTL § 1163
·                Following Too Closely under VTL § 1129
·                Operating Without Insurance under VTL § 319
·                Red Light under VTL § 1111
·                Stop Sign Violation under VTL § 1172
·                Suspended License Operation under VTL § 511.1 (Misdemeanor)
·                Unsafe Lane Change under VTL § 1128