Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mamaroneck Village Court

Mamaroneck Free Traffic Ticket Guide

Traffic tickets issued in Mamaroneck Village Court are some of the most difficult to fight in Westchester County. While traffic tickets in every court are virtually the same in every court, their enforcement can be rather different in every court.  Some of the variables include the Judge presiding over the case, the police officer that issued the ticket, and the prosecutor appointed to prosecute the case.  

In Mamaroneck Village, the court as a whole takes a rigid view on the enforcement of moving violations and tickets are prosecuted accordingly.  As such, some of the most seemingly innocuous tickets may end up with a driver being assessed points on their license.

Luckily, there is a better alternative to pleading guilty to the charge.  You can hire our law firm to help you fight the ticket.  While our firm will probably not eliminate all of the points related to the charge, we can help reduce your exposure to fines, penalties, and points.

We have successfully defended thousands of drivers around the state include Mamaroneck Village.  We are familiar with the court personnel, the judges, and prosecutor.  Our firm has over 30 years of legal experience and we have consistently helped drivers reduce their exposure to fines, penalties, points, and insurance increases.  If you have a speeding ticket, U-turn ticket, truck ticket or suspended license charge, give our Mamaroneck Traffic Ticket Attorneys a call to learn how we can help.  We can be reached at 914-723-7900.

Who prosecuted tickets in Mamaroneck Village?

Mamaroneck Village Police Officers prosecute their own tickets.  In other words, the officer that wrote the ticket will show up to court and decide whether or you should be cut a brake.  Tip: in most cases, you will see the officer that wrote you the ticket later in court.  As such, it is important to be courteous and respectful when you are issued the ticket.  There is a good chance you will see the officer again in court. When a State Trooper issues a driver a ticket on I-95 the Village Prosecutor prosecutes those tickets.  The Village Prosecutor is a seasoned attorney.  The current prosecutor is a former Assistant District Attorney and very experienced in handling complex trials.  Tip: due to the prosecutor’s experience, it would probably be very difficult for a pro-se defendant to prevail at trial.  It is important to come prepared and ready to proceed to trial.

About the Court: Mamaroneck Village Court is a court of local jurisdiction.  It has the power to adjudicate small claims civil matters, misdemeanors, code violations, speeding tickets, and other similar cases as prescribed by law.  The court has two judges that alternate court sessions.  The court is handicapped accessible and maintains a large municipal parking lot across the street. The court is a few blocks away from the Metro North train Station and local Westchester Bus lines.  The court operates on a part time basis and a judge may not be available for a walk in matter.  The court clerk’s office is not the court.  The clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday and maintains a full time staff.

If you would like to fight your traffic matter, give our lawyers a call today.