Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free Guide To Fighting Traffic Tickets In Lewisboro


Lewisboro Town Courtis located at 20 North Salem Road in Cross River.  It is located within the Orchard Square shopping center.  If you have a difficult finding it, some other major stores contained within the shopping plaza are Haiku, Deciccos and Chase. 
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Lewisboro maintains a busy traffic court calendar, which is held on Monday nights. As a whole, the Town Court has jurisdiction over civil matters (usually referred to as small claims cases) and criminal cases.  It is a court of limited jurisdiction and can only adjudicate limited types of cases. 

The Lewisboro Traffic Court calendar can be a mixed calendar.  In other words, while criminal cases are not heard during traffic court, some civil cases may be interspersed during breaks in the action.

Some of the neighborhoods encompassing Lewisboro include Waccabuc, Goldens Bridge, Vista, Cross River, and South Salem.


Has the court moved? I thought it was located at Town Hall?

The court is located with the Orchard Square shopping center.  It is located to the rear next to the yogurt shop and police station.  Several years ago, the court was located in Town Hall.


The court is located in a largely residential neighborhood.  The court will be most easily accessible by car.  There is ample parking at the court.

Who prosecutes traffic tickets in Lewisboro?

The Town Prosecutor prosecutes tickets issued by the State Police.  The officers that issued the tickets prosecute tickets issued by the Westchester County Police.

There are many other police agencies that have the power to issue ticket returnable to Lewisboro.  These agencies include the Park Police, the MTA Police, and local Town Police.

When do I pay the fine?

Fines are expected to be paid as soon as a case is resolved.  In other words, if you matter is resolved in court, you are expected to pay your fine at the same time.

What if I cannot afford to pay a fine?

The judge presiding over your traffic ticket has discretion to afford a driver additional time to pay.  If you need time to pay, it is important that you advise the court before you enter a plea of guilty.

I mailed in my not guilty plea and have not heard back from the court. What should I do?

If you have any questions regarding the status of your ticket, you should call the court immediately to ascertain whether or not they received your plea and whether or not you have missed a court date.

What happens if I ignore my ticket?

The worst thing you can do is ignore your ticket.  This will result in your privilege to drive being suspended. If you are caught driving with a suspended a license, the police have the option to impound your car and place you under arrested.

How can a driver resolve a suspension?

Under most normal circumstances, a suspension can be lifted with a call to the court and the payment of a suspension lift fee.  Once the suspension is lifted, the underlying ticket still needs to be addressed.

How can your law firm help?

Our speeding ticket attorneys have helped thousands of families around Westchester County and Lewisboro resolve charges levied against them.  We have consistently reduced our clients’ exposure fines, penalties, points, and insurance increases.  If you would like to save money, give our Lewisboro traffic ticket attorneys a call today.