Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Avoca Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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A conviction to an Avoca traffic ticket can have many adverse consequences for a driver.  Among the many penalties facing a driver are points on their license, monetary fines, and insurance increases. In extreme cases, a driver could be looking facing criminal charges, jail time, or a license suspension.

A conviction to an 86/65 mph zone can result in a fine of almost $400.00, an additional $300.00 fine payable to the department of motor vehicles, 6 points on a driving record, and significant insurance increase.

Our law firm has recently opened a satellite office in Ithaca which has furthered enabled our ability to represent clients in Avoca Town Court. 

Our Avoca ticket lawyers have represented hundreds of drivers in New York State in speeding tickets and criminal matters.  We have helped many drivers reduce their exposure to points and save money on fines and penalties.  If you have a speeding ticket or a traffic matter, give us a call at 800-893-9645.

Avoca Town Court is located at 3 Chase Street in Avoca, NY 14809. It is in Steuben County.  The court receives a high volume of traffic tickets throughout the year and handles a multitude of cases including misdemeanors and civil cases. 

Our lead Avoca traffic lawyer is a former NYC prosecutor.  Joseph Villanueva has been recognized as one of the Top Lawyers in New York for 2013.  He has been recognized for his excellence in the law and high ethical standards. 

If you need assistance, give us a call at 800-893-9645.