Friday, November 1, 2013

Barker Traffic Lawyer

I-81 is a main highway runs through the heart of Barker Town.  It is a highway that connects Western New York with Downstate New York.  Many college
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students and families traveling on vacation fail to keep a vigilant eye on the changing speed limits and find themselves facing the flashing lights of police car.
 Unbeknownst to the driver, a conviction to speeding ticket at 86/65 can result in a fine close to $400.00, a penalty fee from DMV at $300.00, and insurance increases for years to follow.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, give our Barker traffic lawyers a call to learn how we can help you mitigate the situation.  We have over 30 years of legal experience and helped hundreds of drivers save money on their fine and their insurance.  We can be reached at 800-893-9645.

Traffic Ticket Update

Barker maintains one of the busiest traffic courts in all of Broome County.  This is due in part of the large number of New York State Police Officers that patrol their municipal roads and State Highways. 

We often hear from many drivers from Canada, New York City, and other passersby that find themselves on the wrong side of the law with a hefty speeding ticket. 

A contributing factor to the high volume of tickets issued can be attributed to I-81 passing through the heart of town.  The portion of I-81 that runs through Barker is patrolled by the New York State Police.

About the Court

Barker Traffic Court is located 151 Hyde Street, Castle Creek, NY 13744.  The court can be reached at (607) 648-6961

The court is a lower level court in the New York State judicial system.  Compared to some other courts such as the Broome County Court and Broome County Supreme Court, this local court has limited jurisdictional power.  With respect to civil cases, it can adjudicate matters normally referred to as small claims cases.  It is limited in the dollar amount in controversy that it can hear.  Some common disputes routinely heard in this court may be landlord tenant cases, lemon law issues, and breach of contract cases.  It has the power to arraign criminal matters and set bail on some felonies.  It is clear that traffic tickets are the majority of cases heard in this court in any particular year.  One of the most common tickets adjudicated are speeding tickets governed under VTL 1180.  While the court is extremely busy, it runs very efficiently and professionally.  It has superb court staff and is lead by a wonderful court clerk thereby helping to ensure a smooth court experience.

If you need an traffic lawyer, give us a call at 800-893-9645.