Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pembroke Ticket Lawyer

Pembroke is a town in Western New York that receives a high volume of traffic tickets due to his jurisdictional proximity to I-90. If you were unfortunate
enough to be ticketed, give us a call at 800-893-9645 to learn how we can help.  Our Pembroke traffic ticket attorneys have over 30 years of legal experience and can assist in reducing your exposure to fines, penalties, and points on your license.

A contributing factor to the high volume of tickets issued in this town is that State Route 5, 33 and 7 are also major thoroughfares that fall within the court’s jurisdiction.

There are many different police agencies with the power to issue tickets in Pembroke including the local police, Sheriff’s Department, Park Police, and the New York State Police.

Cost of a Ticket

A conviction to a traffic ticket may cost you more than you think. For example, a conviction to driving 86/65 mph zone will result in a maximum fine close to $400.00 payable to the court, a fine of $300.00 payable to DMV, and 6 points on your license.  To boot, a driver could be facing significant insurance increases and the threat of incarceration.  So before you plead guilty, give us a call to learn how we can help you fight this ticket.

About the Court

Pembroke is designated a court of local jurisdiction.  This is a fancy way of saying it is a lower level court with limited power to adjudicate cases.  The court is located at 116 East Main Street in Corfu, New York.  The judges have the power to preside over small claims cases, landlord tenant cases, and criminal cases.  A large majority of the cases heard in this court are traffic matters.  Traffic tickets include speeding under VTL 1180, cell phone use under VTL 1225, and no passing violations under VTL 1126.

Despite the high volume of tickets, the court is run very efficiently and has a very professional court staff.

Speeding Ticket Points

A driver that is convicted of a speeding ticket in New York is facing 3 – 11 point violation.  There is no such thing as a 1-point violation in New York.  A conviction that results in points starts at a minimum o f 2 points.


If you are represented by this firm, under conditions, you will not be required to appear in court provided you sign an affidavit authorizing our attorneys to appear on your behalf.

Upon resolution of your matter, judges prefer that a fine be paid before the close of business. As a professional courtesy, most courts will afford our clients a two-week grace period to pay their fine. 

Failure to pay a fine could result in many adverse consequences.  The most common penalty is suspended a driver’s privilege to drive.  If a driving is stopped for driving with a suspended license, the police officer has the authority to place the driver under arrest and charge the drive with a crime.

About Our Firm

Our lawyers have represented thousands of drivers throughout New York State.  We have represented drivers in Genesee County down to Long Island.  If you have a ticket, give a call and ask for your confidential consultation today.  800-893-9645.