Friday, October 4, 2013

Workers Compensation Penalty Issued Because of Nanny

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Our Award-Winning Employment Law Attorneys have represented many homeowners who have been issued a penalty, fine or judgment pursuant to Section 52(5) of the NYS Workers Compensation Law.   The most common scenario occurs when an individual hires a nanny or home health aide to assist with their family needs but does not obtain the state required workers compensation and disability insurance. 

Considering that companies with established Human Resources departments can make mistakes and fail to obtain the required coverage, it is easy to understand how an individual who is not a business owner may not realize that such insurance is necessary.   Generally, an employer in a household setting is required to obtain and maintain such coverage for full-time workers.  

The definition of full-time workers can be a little tricky and it is advisable to seek legal counsel on your specific issue.  Each situation is different and requires legal analysis.  We have saved our clients over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in penalties and fines.  Read our testimonials here.   

Call us now at (800) 893-9645 to confidentially speak with our skilled employment lawyers to learn how to protect your life savings and prevent a judgment and/or collection efforts from being taken against you.   Delay is not your friend in these circumstances – it is suggested you seek legal counsel as soon as possible to ensure any legal arguments or defenses under the Workers Compensation Law are not compromised.