Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Patterson Traffic Lawyer

Patterson Town Court maintains a heavy traffic court calendar due to its
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proximity to I-84 and other state highways.
  These tickets include but are not limited to speeding under VTL 1180(b), move over law violations under VTL 1144-a, and texting while driving under VTL 1225.

There are a number of police agencies responsible for issuing traffic violations in this court.  While the NY State Police and the Patterson Town Police issue the vast majority of tickets, there are many other police agencies that can also issue tickets for this court.  These law enforcement agencies can include the County Sheriff’s, Park Police, and MTA Police. 

In general, a local court prosecutor prosecutes traffic violations.  Upon the entry of a timely plea of not guilty, the court clerk will issue a pre-trial conference date.  If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will be set down for trial.


Finding the court can be difficult using some GPS devices.  The court is technically located at 1167 Route 311 in Patterson, New York.  I have personally experienced my GPS taking me several feet down the road and leaving me at the public library.  If you encounter this situation, you should look for the train tracks and look for signage reflecting Patterson Town Hall.  The court is adjacent to Town Hall.


In 2013, NYS fines and surcharges increased for certain charges.  For example, a plea to VTL 1201a will carry an additional $25.00 surcharge.  The surcharge is the portion of the fine that is paid directly to New York State.  If you resolve your matter in court, it is important that you bring money to court.  It is the court’s preference that all fines be settled before leaving court.  The Town of Patterson Traffic Court accepts MasterCard and Visa. 


Every court in New York maintains some form of professional decorum.  In particular, the court proceedings are recorded.  Some proceedings in Patterson are recorded via a stenographer and others are recorded via digital recording.  It is important to remember to remain quiet while court is in session.  Some digital records have been so sensitive that the conversations from the audience have been picked up and made part of the official record.


Patterson is considered to be a court of local jurisdiction.  This means it is a court of limited jurisdiction.  It has the power to preside over all misdemeanor cases and civil cases often referred to as small claims cases.  Case which may be more serious in dollar amount in controversy and more serious in criminal charges such a felonies will usually be heard in higher courts such as Putnam County Court, Putnam Supreme Court, or Family Court.


Our lawyers have represented hundreds of drivers in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Dutchess.  We are lead by a former prosecutor and have gained a reputation among our peers as being superb lawyers.  We have consistently saved our clients time, money, and points on their licenses. 

If you are facing a moving violation in Patterson Town Court, give our lawyers a call to learn how we can help you.  We can be reached at 914-723-7900.