Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why Should I Hire A Speeding Ticket Lawyer?


It seems pretty basic but it makes good financial sense to fight a speed ticket.  We save our client's money.  A conviction to a speeding ticket can cost a driver hundreds in fines, penalties, and insurance increases.

If a driver is charged with an 86 in a 55 mph zone, the driver will be facing almost $700.00 in fines, $450.00 in fees to DMV on top of the court fines, and ridiculous insurance increases.  A recent national study concluded that the average insurance increase for a speeding conviction could be approximately 15%.

At our firm, we have excelled at getting tickets dismissed or reduced.  As such, we have routinely saved our clients money.


Most American drivers have very little experience with the legal system.  The mere thought of going to court and fighting with a judge, prosecutor and cop could be terrifying.  Many clients have told me that the mere thought of showing up to court has caused many sleepless nights.

In response I have conveyed to our clients that we have defended hundreds of drivers and traffic court and there is very little that we haven’t seen to date.  As such, they can rest easy in the fact that they have hired a highly experienced law firm to handle their matter.  Our experience has helped navigate through the legal system and often helps us resolve our clients' tickets.


Many different convictions can result a driver losing their privilege to drive.  For example, 3 speeding convictions in an 18 month period will result in the lose of a driver's privilege to drive; a plea to VTL 319(1) (operating a car without insurance) will result in a license revocation; a conviction to two serious driving infractions for a commercial driver can result in a license suspension.  It is important to know what are the exact penalties you can be facing.  

If you have a traffic ticket, give our law firm a call to learn how we can help.  We can be reached at 800-893-9645.