Sunday, October 13, 2013

Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices

New York Traffic Tickets are governed by many different sections of law.  They can be written under the Vehicle Traffic Law, Parkway Rules and Regulations,
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local law, and Federal Laws.  In order to come together as one nation, the federal government has implemented many rules and regulations to try and streamline how our roads function.  One such effort can be found under the MUTCD.  

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices or MUTCD is a collated set of federal rules governing the standards used by road managers on a nationwide basis for public streets, highways, and other roads open to the public.  Each state has either adopted the MUTCD or enacted their own version of the MUTCD.

The MUTCD came about with the understanding that it is critical for public safety and nationwide transportation to have uniform rules for minimum standards of care.  Ideally, the implementation of the MUTCD would put forth one uniform size, color, shape, etc. for uniform traffic control devices.  The premise is that traffic devices should be easily recognizable for drivers.  This would reduce is driver confusion, increase fluidity on our roads, and help reduce traffic accidents.

A copy of the MUTCD can be found at this link.

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