Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbia County Ticket Lawyer: Visual Estimation

There are many different ways that a police officer can prevail at trial and
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secure a speeding ticket conviction.  Most officers will implement a two step verification of a driver's speed.  Among the tools available in their arsenal are laser, vascar, airplane, and radar detection.  In addition to these, most officers also confer speed by visual estimation.  Including this double method will help secure a conviction against a motorist.  

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Visual estimation is a police officer's assessing a driver's rate of speed simply by observing the car with the naked eye.  This is not based on science but based upon the officer's experience.  

Most officer's in New York have some kind of training estimating speed at the police academy.  Some police academies will require a police officer to observe at least 100 moving cars and estimate their speed.

While the reliability of the visual estimation can be contested as not being reliable, when it is combined with a second verification source such as radar, it can be very difficult to defeat a police officer at trial.

Next time, you think about contesting the speeding ticket, remember there is a good chance that the police officer verified your speed through visual estimation.  If this is the case, you should call our office and learn how we can help you.