Monday, July 20, 2015

Spencer Town Ticket Lawyer

Have You Been Given A Speeding Ticket in Austerlitz New York?  We Can Help.

While driving on the scenic Taconic State Parkway, many drivers are surprised to find themselves being pulled over a State Trooper for speeding.  One of the many traffic courts with jurisdiction along the Taconic State Parkway is Austerlitz Town Court.  This court is sometimes referred to as Spencertown Town Court.

If you have a speeding ticket, you probably have many questions such as:
  • How much will this cost me? 
  • How many points am I facing?
  • How will this affect my insurance?

This blog post will help you answer these questions and more.

We Can Help. Call Us Today at 800-893-9645:  Here is a list of some common charges were have helped our client’s fight.

·                Speeding under VTL § 1180 (b)
·                Speeding under VTL § 1180 (d)
·                Cell Phone under VTL § 1225
·                Child Seatbelt under VTL § 1229
·                Failure to Move Over under VTL § 1144-A
·                Failure to Signal under VTL § 1163
·                Following Too Closely under VTL § 1129
·                Operating Without Insurance under VTL § 319
·                Red Light under VTL § 1111
·                Stop Sign Violation under VTL § 1172
·                Suspended License Operation under VTL § 511.1 (Misdemeanor)
·                Unsafe Lane Change under VTL § 1128

How much will a first time speeding ticket cost?

This chart will help you gauge the fine range available to a judge for a first time speeding conviction written under VTL 1180(b) or VTL 1180(d).

First-time speeding offense$45 to $600
One or more speeding tickets
(within eighteen months)
Up to $1,575
Traffic Infraction$100-$300
Disobey a Traffic Signal
Misdemeanor Convictions
(no other penalty provided)
Uninspected Vehicles$25-$200
Unregistered Vehicle or Trailer$25-$200
Equipment Violations of Vehicle or Trailer$0-$100
Surcharges$ varies based on the charge and location

Repeat ticket offenders could face higher fines.

How many points am I facing?

Currently, New York State does not have a one point traffic ticket offense.  The lowest number of points that can be assessed against a driver is two points.  The most is eleven. With respect to speeding tickets, the lowest speeding conviction will result in a 3 point conviction and can go as high as eleven. Once a driver is convicted of eleven points, their privilege to drive in New York State will be suspended.

The number of points a driver is facing will depend on the nature of the charge.  Most moving violations will vary from 0 to 11 points.  The majority of clients that hire our firm are facing a speeding ticket.  This chart will help you quickly ascertain the number of points you are facing.

01 to 10 mph over the limit
11 to 20  mph over the limit
21 to 30  mph over the limit
31 to 40  mph over the limit
More than 40  mph over the limit

How will a conviction to a speeding ticket affect my insurance?

There are many different things insurance companies take into consideration when they determine a driver’s insurance rate.  For the most part, the algorithm used is proprietary in nature and the average driver will not be privy to this information. 

Some things considered in an insurance policy can include but is not limited to a driver’s age, their accident history, the type of car driven, and any convictions to moving violations.

If you have a moving violation, traffic ticket or misdemeanor charge, give us a call at 800-893-9645 to learn how we can help you.