Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Fight A Traffic Ticket In Suffern NY


While a speeding ticket can be a nuisance, it can also be a huge financial burden.  A conviction to a ticket in Suffern for traveling 86/65 mph zone can carry almost $400.00 in fines and surcharges, an additional $300.00 in penalties to the Department of Motor Vehicles, hundreds in insurance costs, and even incarceration.  This is not to mention the time wasted sitting in court and the possible license suspension for repeat offenders.  Hiring our traffic ticket law firm can save you a lot of money and save you a lot of aggravation.


Rockland County contains many local village and town courts.  Along the eastern portion of the county lies Suffern Village Court.  This court is responsible for adjudicating many cases including speeding tickets.  If you are looking for information how to fight your traffic ticket in Suffern Village Court, this blog may be helpful to you.  If you are looking to hire an attorney, give our speeding ticket law firm a call today to learn how we can help you save time, money, and points on your license.

Suffern Village Court is located at 61 Washington Avenue in Suffern NY.  It is part of the larger Town of Ramapo.  It has the power to adjudicated criminal, civil, and traffic cases.  Of all the matters heard in this court, the traffic calendar consists of a large portion of their caseload per annum.  This is due in part to the court’s jurisdictional proximity to I-287. 

I-287 is an interstate that traverses in an eastbound and westbound manner.  It connects Westchester County to the more western portion of the state including Rockland County.  I-287 varies in its speed limit.  It waxes and wanes between 55 mph and 65 mph.  Along this major highway, it is easy for drivers to lose focus and travel above the speed limit.  There is no shortage of police officers looking to protect the public and enforce the speeding restrictions in Rockland Courts including South Nyack, Clarkstown, and Ramapo.


Security:  The court is secured with official court security.  Each litigant must go through a stringent security process to enter the court.  Prior to entering court, the court officer will advise litigants to turn off all electronic devices, leave any sharp objects in their car, and to dispose of any food or drinks.

Prosecutor: On days in which traffic court is held, drivers will be afforded an opportunity to meet with the Village Prosecutor.  The prosecutor is responsible for ultimately presenting the case to the court and bears the burden of proof.

Burden of Proof:  In Suffern Traffic Court, speeding tickets are held to the same burden of proof as criminal cases.  Each element of the charge must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Police Agencies:  There are many police agencies that can issue tickets returnable in Suffern.  While the majority of tickets are issued by the State Police, the Suffern Village Police and other law enforcement agencies also issue traffic tickets.


The court is easily accessible by car.  61 Washington Avenue is a short distance from I-287 and can be reached by many local roads.  There is a small-dedicated parking lot for the court located in the rear.  It tends to fill up quickly so persons attending court may want to arrive early to secure a parking spot.


When a traffic matter is resolved, it is the courts preference that all fines must be paid prior to leaving court.  There is a court clerk, which sits to the left of the judge and will usually have a laptop computer in front.  There is a large black and white sign that reads “Pay Here.”  The judge has discretion to allow delayed payment.  If you need additional time to pay, you should ask the judge for more time to pay prior to entering a plea.

About Our Firm:  Our speeding ticket defense firm is conveniently located a few minutes away from Suffern.  We have represented hundreds of drivers each year for violations for the Vehicle Traffic Law.  We have excelled at getting tickets dismissed.  We have been recognized by our peers as some of the best attorneys in the state.  

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