Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Lawyer’s Guide to Fighting A Bolton Traffic Court Ticket

If you need help making heads or tails of your speeding ticket, this blog post may provide some useful information for you.  In the end, if you believe you need legal assistance to help you save time, money, and points on your license, give our speeding ticket defense attorneys a call to learn how we can help you.


Bolton Town Court is located at 4949 Lake Shore Drive, PO Box 478, in Bolton Landing, NY. Its zip code is 12814.  It is located in Warren County.   The court staff is extremely professional and very easy to speak to.  The clerk of the court is responsible for assisting the Judges in their day-to-day duties.  On a daily basis, the clerk and staff may field questions from litigants, send letters, and collect fine money.  The clerk of the court is the backbone that makes the court function.

Bolton court is a court of limited jurisdiction.  It has a limit in the size and scope of matters it can adjudicate.  For example, civil cases are limited to disputes where the dollar amount in controversy is $3,000.00.  With respect to criminal cases, the majority of cases are misdemeanors.  There are other cases, which can be heard in this court.  A sizable number of cases are traffic tickets.


Every court in NY is a secure facility.  Bolton is no exception.  Every litigant appearing in court is subject to a search.  It is advisable that litigants use their common sense when bringing items to court.  Although it may seem obvious, many persons are stopped each day for bringing inappropriate items to courts around New York State.  These items can include drugs, alcohol, knives, and electronic recording devices.


The court receives a large number of tickets from drivers traveling north and south on I-87.  The NYS Police are in charge of patrolling this interstate.  Usually, Troop G is charge of the section of highway that consists of Bolton’s jurisdiction.  Traffic tickets issued along I-87 are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office.  For the most part, tickets issued on I-87 are for speeding.  Speeding tickets are often issued under the Vehicle Traffic Law.  There are other sections of law available to the police such as Thruway Law and Town Code Law.  However, they are not used with nearly as much frequency.

The New York State Police issue traffic tickets on a “Uniform Traffic Ticket.”  This is also referred to as a “UTT.”  This is the form that tells you what you are charged with and how to enter a plea.

The UTT also contains other useful information such as the time of the occurrence, date of the offense, mph, description of violation, highway number, highway type, and the officer’s name.

There are many different police agencies that have jurisdictional power to have their traffic summons returnable to Bolton Town Court.  Some police agencies can include the Sheriff’s Office, Park Police, and local town or village police. 


A conviction to a speeding ticket can be costly.  A driver charged with 80/55 (25 mph over) is facing a 6-point violation.  There are many sentencing options available to the judge.  Some of the sentences can include jail, a fine of almost $400.00, and a discretionary license suspension.  A conviction to charge can also result in an additional minimum $300.00 fine payable to DMV.  Further, depending on a driver’s driving record, this conviction can also result in hundreds in insurance increases and a license suspension.

How many points am I facing for my speeding ticket?

01 to 10 mph over the limit3
11 to 204
21 to 306
31 to 408
More than 4011

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How much are my fines?

 Below is a list of fines associated with some of the most frequently issued tickets in NY.  Fines are subject to change without notice.

First-time speeding offense$45 to $600
One or more speeding tickets
(within eighteen months)
Up to $1,575
Traffic Infraction$100-$300
Disobey a Traffic Signal
(red light)
Misdemeanor Convictions
(no other penalty provided)
Uninspected Vehicles$25-$200
Unregistered Vehicle or Trailer$25-$200
Equipment Violations of Vehicle or Trailer$0-$100
Surcharges$ varies based on the charge and location

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