Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dickinson Traffic Lawyer

Overview of Dickinson Traffic Court

Dickinson Town Court is a court of local jurisdiction.  It has limited jurisdiction over cases that it can preside over.  In general, it has the power to adjudicate offenses, misdemeanors, and lower level civil cases.  With respect to civil cases, it has power over cases with up to $3,000.00 in controversy.  Some typical cases heard in the civil calendar can include local zoning violations and landlord tenant cases.

Each year, thousands of cases are heard in Dickinson.  The largest number of cases is traffic matter under VTL 1180.  These charges are for speeding in excess of the numerated speed limit.


If you have a speeding ticket, give our Dickinson ticket lawyers a call at 800-893-9645.  We have represented thousands of drivers throughout New York and have gained a reputation as superb lawyers.  We are lead by a former prosecutor with the experience necessary to fight your ticket.


Dickinson Traffic Court
531 Old Front Street
Binghamton, NY 13905

Telephone: (607) 723-9403
Fax: (607) 723-3530

Court Clerk’s Office: Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm


I-86 runs through Dickinson.  The majority of driver’s caught speeding in Dickinson are caught along the I-86 corridor.  Many out of state drivers, college students, and parents en route to vacation find themselves inadvertently speeding and facing a hefty speeding ticket.

Hiring our law firm could help you save hundreds of dollars in fines, penalties, and insurance increases. 


There are many different police agencies that have the authority to issue traffic tickets returnable to Dickinson Town Court.  These agencies can include the NYS Police, County Police/Sheriff, Park Police, and local town police.

For the most part, tickets are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office.  This is the same office which prosecuted criminal cases such as misdemeanor drug possession and felony assault.

It is possible to reach a plea bargain on most cases.  It has been our experience that excessive speeding, repeat offenders, and cell phone violators will have a difficult time securing a favorable resolution.


Town Law codified under the New York State law provides that Dickinson Town Court shall employ two judges.  In practice, these judges rotate the day to day responsibilities of the court.

Prior to taking the bench, each judge has taken an oath of office and is sworn to uphold the laws and rules of NY and the United States.

While a plea bargain can be struck between the prosecutor and a defendant, the judge has the ultimate power to accept or reject the proposed disposition.  If the court accepts the resolution, a fine will be assessed.