Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stanford Ticket Lawyer

Stanford Town Court is located at 26 Town Hall Drive in Stanfordville New York.  It is a busy cour  Most of these tickets are for speeding violations written under VTL 1180(b) and 1180(d).  If you are in need of a Stanford TicketLawyer, give our law firm a call at 914-723-7900 to learn how we can help.
Stanford Court Entrance
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t which receives a large volume of traffic tickets issued along the Taconic State Parkway.

Court Tip:  The court is located approximately 7 miles from the Taconic State Parkway.  The main road leading to the court is Route 82.  The court is recessed off the main road and is elevated on top of a hill.  If you can’t find the court, another landmark will be the US Post Office which is located across the street from the court. 

Because the Taconic State Parkway falls within the purview of the New York State Police, the Town Prosecutor prosecutes most tickets in this court.  The Town Prosecutor is not part of the Dutchess County District Attorney’s Office but a separate prosecutorial office.

The court does not require litigants to walk through a magnetometer.  Despite the lack of a metal detection search it is advisable to turn off all electronic devices such as pagers and cell phones.

Inside the Court:  The court is located in the same building as Town Hall.  After your park your car in the semicircular driveway, you will enter the courthouse.  As you walk up the ramp, the court is located to your left.  You will reach the court before your reach the court clerk’s office.  Once you arrive in court, you should check-in with the clerk to ensure your case will be called.

Pleading Guilty:  Pleading guilty to a speeding ticket can have long-term financial consequences that may cost drivers hundreds in fines, penalties, and insurance increases.  A study by a leading insurance company concluded that the national average increase for a speeding conviction is 11% - 15%.  In other words, this is the median increase.  Some drivers will not receive an increase while others will receive a much larger increase.

If you are in need of a lawyer to fight your speeding ticket, give our Stanfordville Ticket Lawyers a call now at 914-723-7900.
A view of the court from the lower parking lot