Thursday, August 29, 2013

Milan Ticket Lawyer

A view of the Milan Court
If you have a speeding ticket, call us at
Our law firm has represented a countless number of ill-fated drivers snagged with a speeding ticket along the Taconic State Parkway en route to family obligation in Upstate New York and Massachusetts.  Many of these tickets fall within the Milan Traffic Court jurisdiction.  If you have been issued a traffic ticket, give us a call at 914-723-7900 to learn how we can help. 

Milan Town Court is a court of local jurisdiction, which has the power to hear traffic tickets, misdemeanor cases, small claims cases, and other matters.

It is located in Northern Dutchess County. It is approximately 80 miles north of NYC.  The court is located a short distance off the Taconic and is located at 20 Wilcox Circle.  The court is in the same building as Town Hall. It is a white building with green accents. 

Court Tip:  if you resolve your traffic matter, the court requires payment to be made at the conclusion of your case.  It is strongly advised that motorist bring enough money with them to court to cover any potential fines.

Traffic Court is held twice a week at 9:00 am.  The traffic court calendar is called quickly and efficiently.  The court personnel is very professional and some of the best in the state. 

The court receives speeding and traffic tickets from a myriad of police agencies.  They have presided over tickets issued by Park Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, State Police Officers, and more.  A Special Prosecutor prosecutes tickets issued by the State Police.  The Special Prosecutor was approved by a Town Board and gives the power to enforce the law.
Town Hall & Milan Court Entrance