Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Village Court Lawyer

f you have been charged with a crime or a traffic ticket in Sleepy Hollow Court, give our lawyers a call at 914-723-7900 to learn how we can help.
The entrance to Sleepy Hollow Court. 

About us: At Villanueva & Sanchala, PLLC we have represented hundreds of clients in Westchester County.  Our criminal defense practice is lead by a former prosecutor.  He has excelled at defending clients in criminal and traffic cases.  He has gained a reputation as being a superb lawyer and brings his keen skills to your precious case.

About the court:  Sleepy Hollow Village Court is located at 28 Beekman Avenue in Sleepy Hollow New York. It is a court of local jurisdiction.  In other words, it has the power to adjudicate a limited amount of cases in the New York justice system.  The court has the power to preside over misdemeanor matters such as Assault in the 3rd Degree under PL 120.00, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree under PL 220.03, and Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree under PL 145.00. It also can preside over violations or offenses such as disorderly conduct, harassment in the 2nd degree, and unlawful possession of marijuana (UPM under PL 221.05).  This court has limited power over felony matters.  Sleepy Hollow judges can hear civil matter most commonly referred to as small claims cases.  These matters may include landlord tenant eviction proceedings and contract disputes.

The court is located at the top of Beekman Avenue and it is adjacent to the police department.  There is limited metered parking on the street.  It is important to arrive early and plan accordingly.

Court tip: if you are a litigant in court, it is important to remember that the court is considered a place of respect.  As such, all attendees are asked to dress appropriately; turn off all electronic devices, and to leave all food and drinks outside of the court.

Lay of the land:  once you enter the courthouse, there is a small hallway that will lead you to the courtroom.  Upon reaching the outside of the courtroom, you will be greeted by a court officer that will lead you through a metal detector.  As you enter the court, there will be two small seating areas to the left and right.  There will be seating for attorneys to the front right of the court.  The court clerk will be seated to the left.  It is important to check-in with the court clerk. Failure to check in may result in a default being held against you.

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