Monday, June 17, 2013

Traffic Infraction As The Basis Of Deportation

I was recently asked by a Yonkers resident whether or not a routine traffic infraction (speeding ticket) could result in the deportation of an undocumented individual?

Not too long ago,
Federal government announced a policy shift that would move away from detaining individuals from non-serious criminal offenses.  Serious crimes such as DWI, assault, and the sale of drugs will continue to be a higher priority for deportation.

While an undocumented individual can still be held and deported for being in the United States unlawfully, the Obama administration has indicted that there is a strong desire to concentrate on criminals that pose a threat to national security.  In a Department of Homeland Security report, they deemed minor traffic offenses such as a speeding ticket, parking ticket, and cell phone violations would not qualify as a serious criminal offense.  Taking part in aggressive deportation for minor traffic offense would essentially deplete scarce and valuable resources.

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