Monday, February 6, 2012

NYC Advocates Push for Tougher Ticket Enforcement

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Recently, CNN reported that in 2011 only 2,989 tickets were issued to motorists for illegally idling their cars.  In the past, the NYC idling law afforded motorist 3 minutes to allow their car to idle.  The law was recently changed and only allowed for 1 minute of idling.

Many anti-pollution advocates say the law doesn't go far enough to protect the public because it is not strictly enforced.  They cite that less than 3,000 tickets does little to deter this illegal behavior.

Environmentalist have claimed the anti-idling law provides a direct benefit to the public.  Studies have shown that exposure to car engine fumes can cause an increase in asthma and brain development.  In particular, many of the idling cars are from parents waiting to pick up their children from school.

Mayor Bloomberg has stated that he will look into the current state of affairs and look into further action.

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