Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Move Over Law Expands

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Starting January 1st, 2012, New York's Move Over Law will be expanded to include tow truck operators and other similar safety operators.  Previously, the law only applied to law enforcement vehicles.

The current law, in summary, mandates drivers to change lanes when approaching a police vehicle in the break-down lane and has its flashing lights engaged.

Violators of the Move Over Law face up to $275.00 + $85.00 in surcharges, points on their license, and a possible jail sentence.

The Ambrose-Searles Move-Over traffic safety law was named to honor the memory of two police officers, New York State Trooper Robert Ambrose and Onondaga County Deputy Sheriff Glenn M. Searles.

Commentary by the Westchester County Ticket Lawyer:
This law carries a 3 point sanction by the court.  Accumulating 3 points may adversely affect your insurance rates for years to come.  If you are in need of a lawyer to fight your "move over law" ticket, give us a call at 914-723-7900.