Thursday, October 20, 2011

Driver's Responsibility Assessment -- the Backdoor Fine

The Driver Responsibility Assessment aka "DRA" is a minimum $250.00 fine given to drivers.  The most commonly reason is for accumulating more than 6 points against your license within an 18 month period.   The DRA can be paid once a year for three years or in one lump sum.  

The DRA take most driver's by surprise.  Quite often, motorist will enter into a plea of guilty without knowing the consequences beyond their immediate court appearance.  

While accumulating points is the most common way of being assessed a DRA, a motorist can also be assessed a DRA for 

1. being convicted of a DWI.
2. being convicted of drugs.
3. refusing a field sobriety test.

Under many circumstances, this added fine together with court fees, insurance increases, and time wasted in court makes retaining an attorney to fight a speeding ticket cost effective.

Before you plead guilty to your next ticket, you should consider all the fines and penalties involved and call our firm for a consultation at 914-723-7900.