Monday, September 5, 2011

Q and A with a Yonkers Ticket Defense Lawyer

We have represented hundreds of motorists in Yonkers Traffic Court and the surrounding municipalities.  From time to time we are asked questions from potential clients regarding speeding ticket and other moving violations that we believe would be helpful to the general public.  Here are some questions and answers that may assist you in your search for an attorney.  Please note every case is different and you should not rely solely on these answers without consulting our offices.  Call us at 914-723-7900.  

Questions and Answers

Q.  I was charged with driving 31 mph over the speed limit on McLean Avenue in Yonkers.  My ticket is due back in Yonkers City Court.  How many points am I facing?

A.  You are facing an 8 point conviction against your license.  You could also be facing a NYS Driver's Assessment (additional fines) and incarceration.

Q.  I already have a 4 point violation on my license. How will a conviction to the 8 points affect my privilege to drive?

Among other things, you could be facing a license suspension or revocation.  In general, you have 10 points on your license.  If you are convicted of 11 points in an 18 month period, you will lose to privilege to drive.  We have helped many motorist in your position.  You should contact our attorneys to discuss your case immediately.
Q.  I'm a CDL.  I drive a truck and was given a ticket under the Transportation Law 212 also known as TL 212. Can you help?

A.  Yes we can help.  You are facing a misdemeanor criminal charge.  TL 212 is a log book violation. 

Q.  I given a speeding ticket.  The officer did not use radar.  What are my chances of winning at trial?

A.  An officer can still win at trial without radar.  An officer can prove their case with circumstantial evidence such as observation and pacing.

Q.  Do you have an office near Yonkers? I've spoken to lawyers in Manhattan who say their know the court very well but I don't believe them.

A.  Our main office is in Scarsdale.  We are approximately 15 minutes away from Yonkers City Court. 

Our firm can be frequently found representing clients throughout Westchester County.  Some courts that we often represent clients include Tuckahoe Traffic Court, White Plains Traffic Court, Yonkers Traffic Court, and Yorktown Traffic Court.

If you need assistance, call our Yonkers ticket lawyers at 914-723-7900.