Tuesday, September 23, 2014

VTL 1144-A Move Over Law Violations and Patterson Town Court

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A view of the Patterson Traffic Court

The Move Over Law was initially enacted in 2011 to protect police officers during traffic stops.  It has since been expanded to protect all emergency work vehicles.  An example of this would be an ambulance.

The law was passed in memory of all the fallen officers around the state that have lost their lives while pulling over vehicles for traffic stops.

A plea of guilty to this charge will result in a three point violation being held against a driver’s license. These points will remain visible to prosecutors for up to ten years on a driver’s license.  They will be held against a driver’s privilege to drive for eighteen months from the date that the ticket was issued.  A conviction to this charge can negatively impact a driver's insurance for more than three years.

The fine for this charge will be set by the presiding judge.  The maximum fine is $275.00.


Interstate 84 runs in an eastbound and westbound direction.  This hilly terrain can be difficult to negotiate and is the site of many speeding tickets.  In addition to speeding tickets, there are a large number of Move Over Law tickets issued along this highway.  Many of these tickets are made returnable to the Patterson Town Court.

In Patterson Town Court, an 1144-a violation can be very difficult to defend.  While we have defended many drivers around New York State on this charge, each case must be evaluated individually.  The specific facts and circumstances surrounding these charge can play a big role in the resolution of this matter.

Remember, the genesis of this charge is derived from police officer safety.  Whether or not the officer’s safety was in jeopardy at the time the ticket was issued could be a significant factor in the prosecutor’s plea negotiations.

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The Statute

S 1144-a. Operation of vehicles when approaching a parked, stopped or   standing authorized emergency  vehicle  or  hazard  vehicle.  

(a)  Every   operator  of  a motor vehicle shall exercise due care to avoid colliding   with an  authorized  emergency  vehicle  which  is  parked,  stopped  or   standing  on  the  shoulder  or  any  portion  of  such highway and such   authorized  emergency  vehicle  is  displaying  one  or  more   red   or   combination red and white lights pursuant to the provisions of paragraph   two  of  subdivision  forty-one of section three hundred seventy-five of   this chapter. For operators of motor vehicles on parkways or  controlled   access  highways,  such  due  care shall include, but not be limited to,   moving from a lane which contains or  is  immediately  adjacent  to  the   shoulder  where such authorized emergency vehicle displaying one or more   red or combination red and white lights pursuant to  the  provisions  of   paragraph   two  of  subdivision  forty-one  of  section  three  hundred   seventy-five of this chapter is parked, stopped or standing  to  another   lane,   provided   that   such  movement  otherwise  complies  with  the   requirements  of  this  chapter  including,  but  not  limited  to,  the   provisions  of  sections  eleven  hundred  ten  of this title and eleven   hundred twenty-eight of this title.