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South Nyack Traffic Ticket Lawyer Guide

What To Expect In South Nyack Traffic Court
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Fighting a speeding ticket may not be as simple as it may seem.  After all, fighting with a police officer, prosecutor, and judge can be an arduous task for some of the most seasoned attorneys.  One wrong move can result in a conviction and hundreds of dollars in fines, hundreds more in penalties to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and countless more in insurance increases.  There are additional penalties that can be assessed.  Some of these penalties can include a jail sentence, points on your license, and wasted time in court.

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Hiring a local traffic ticket law firm can make all the difference in your case.  We are familiar with the local rules of court, and we have successfully defended many drivers in South Nyack Traffic Court and the surrounding courts in Rockland County over the years.

We are led by Joseph Villanueva who is a former New York City prosecutor.  He has successfully defended thousands of traffic tickets and gained a superb reputation among our peers.  

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What To Expect In South Nyack Traffic Court

South Nyack Justice Court routinely holds Traffic Court on Monday night at 5:00 pm.  The court can add and remove court sessions as necessary.  As such, it is important to confirm your court date prior to appear in court.  A court appearance is usually confirmed by mail.  Upon entering a timely plea of not guilty, the court will send you notice of when to appear in court.


The Court does not have a dedicated parking lot of visitors.   There is ample parking on the street in front of the court and nearby side streets.

Court Address

South Nyack Village Court
90 Depot Place
South Nyack, NY 10960

Coming To Court

Once you arrive in court, you will be instructed to traverse to the 2nd floor and enter the courtroom.  Prior to entering the courtroom, everyone seeking attendance in court is subject to a search.  The court officers will instruct visitors to walk through a magnetometer and to discard all food and beverages.


While a traffic ticket can be issued along any road within the municipality of South Nyack, the majority of speeding tickets are issued in Interstate 87/Interstate 287. 


Once you pass security, it is important to check in with the Court Clerk seated in the front of the courtroom.  If you fail to check in, your case may never be called.


After you checking-in, a prosecutor will call your case.  The prosecutor can be an attorney retained by South Nyack or an officer designated as the prosecutor.

The prosecutor may tender a reduced plea in an effort to resolve the case without a trial.


The Judge has the power to accept to reject the negotiated plea.  If the judge accepts the plea, a fine is usually assessed.


Fines are expected to pay the same day that the ticket is resolved.  If additional time is needed, it is important to request extra time to pay from the judge.

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