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What To Expect In Highlands Traffic Court
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Fighting a speeding ticket in Highlands Traffic Court poses several challenges to drivers unfamiliar with the legal process.  This blog will give you some insight into fighting a traffic ticket in the Highlands Court (Highland Mills is in Woodbury).  If you need help fighting your expensive ticket, give our award winning lawyers a call today at 914-723-7900 to schedule your confidential consultation.

Costly Speeding Ticket

Everyone knows that a conviction to a speeding ticket can be costly.  However, less than 1% of all drivers ticketed will hire an experienced traffic ticket law firm to help them limit their exposure to penalties.

These penalties can include hundreds of dollars in fines payable to the court, hundreds more in assessment fees to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and countless more in waste time, stress, and insurance increases.

Did You Know?

Did you know that a conviction to driving 86 mph in a 55 mph zone can result in a maximum fine of $600.00 plus a $93.00 surcharge.  This conviction will result in an 8 point violation and an additional $450.00 fee to DMV.  Depending on the driver’s insurance company, they could be facing hundreds, perhaps thousands, more in increased premiums.  In rare circumstances, the court can even impose a jail sentence. Note, these fines and penalties can increase for repeat offenders.

About The Court
Highland Falls Town Lawyer

Highlands Traffic Court is part of the Highlands Town Court judicial system.  In traffic court, matters charged under the Vehicle Traffic Law (excluding crimes) are adjudicated.  Some common charges may include speeding in excess of the speed limit under VTL 1180 and cell phone violations under VTL 1225.  Driver’s can also be charged under different sections of law such as Town Ordinance, Thruway Law, County Law, and MTA Law.

The Court is located at 254 Main Street in Highland Falls, New York.  Its postal zip code is 10928.

Factoid: the town is widely known for the home of the United States Military Academy West Point.

Hours Of Operation

Highlands is a part time court.  Traffic Court is not held every day.  If you are looking to have your case “added” on to the court calendar, it is advisable to call the court to ensure court will be in session.


The court is a few miles from the Bear Mountain Bridge, Route 9W, Route 202, and the Palisades Interstate Parkway.  While it is possible to reach the court via public transportation, the most convenient method of reaching the court is by car.


The Court has ample parking on the street to accommodate all visitors.  The municipal street parking is controlled by parking meters.  It is important to feed the meters with quarters to ensure you do not get a parking ticket while visiting the court.

Is There Court Security?

Upon arriving at court, all visitors will be required to walk through a magnetometer.  Any one attempting to bring in illegal contraband will be subject to arrest.

What Is The Role Of Prosecutor?

Once a visitor has successfully passed court security, they will be instructed to walk up the stairs to meet with the Town Prosecutor.  The Town prosecutor maintains an office on the 2nd floor adjacent to the courtroom.

The prosecutor has the power to tender a reduction in the charges.  Remember, the prosecutor has a very limited amount of time to listen to your case and any argument presented to the prosecutor must be brief.

If a mutual agreeable reduction can be reached, the driver will be instructed to sign a plea memorandum and wait to see the Judge.

The Judge

The Judge has the power to accept or reject the negotiated plea.  From time to time, a plea may be rejected and the driver will be instructed to re-conference the case with the prosecutor.

If a conviction is entered, the court will impose a sentence which can include a fine.

A negotiated plea is the same as if a driver were convicted after trial.  Once the plea is entered, it is very difficult to vacate the plea.

When Are Fines Due?

Fines are payable on the day that the plea entered.  In rare circumstances, the court may grant a driver additional time to pay.  

If a driver fails to pay a fine, their privilege to drive can be suspended.  Driving with a suspended license is a crime.

How Long Do Points Stay On My Driving Record?

Points are held against a driver for 18 months from the date of issuance.  However, when a driving record is pulled, it may be visible for 5-10 years.

About Our Firm

Our speeding ticket lawyers have successfully defended thousands of tickets in Orange County and the surrounding areas.  We have excelled at getting tickets either dismissed or reduced.  If you need help fighting your Highlands speeding ticket, give us a call at 914-723-7900.