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Fight Your Ticket and Save Money

I-84 is a major thoroughfare connecting portions of eastern and western New York State.  Each year many drivers en route to Pennsylvania and Upstate New York fall victim to the State Troopers patrolling the highway and are issued a hefty speeding ticket.  A portion of I-84 cuts through Greenville and as such their speeding tickets and other moving violations become returnable to the Greenville Town Court. 

A conviction to a speeding ticket can have a significant impact on a driver’s insurance.  In some circumstances, a conviction can result in a license suspension, revocation, or a jail sentence.

We Can Help You

If you would like to fight your ticket and limit your exposure to adverse consequences, give our award winning speeding ticket defense lawyers a call.  We have excelled at getting tickets either dismissed or reduced.  We are led by a former New York City prosecutor that has helped thousands of drivers save time, money, and points on their license.  We are strategically located to represent any driver in any court in New York State.  Give us a call now to schedule your confidential telephone consultation.  We can be reached at 800-893-9645.

About the Court

Greenville Town Court is located at 1537 US Highway 6 in Port Jervis in Orange County New York. Its postal zip code is 12771.

The Officer’s Proof in Court

There are many different ways by which police officer can establish their ticket in chief.  Most speeding tickets are proven by a police officer’s testimony in court.  They provide the judge with two methods of speed verification.  The first method is usually some kind of radar or laser reading.  Some common radar devices are the Dual Stalker and the Ultralyte.  The second method is visual observation.

Elements of a Speeding Ticket

There are 5 core elements that a prosecutor must establish to prevail at a speeding ticket trial.  These elements are:

1. Identification of the driver,
2. Operation,
3. Vehicle,
4. Jurisdiction, and
5. Speed over the limit.

The Burden of Proof in a Speeding Ticket Case in Local Court

In local courts such as Greenville Traffic Court, the prosecution must prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the prosecutor should fail to establish one of these elements, the Judge should dismiss the charge.

New York Speeding Ticket Point System

A speeding ticket can result in points being assessed against a driver’s license.   Points can vary from three and be as much as eleven depending on the rate of speed.  Furthermore, the rate of speed can affect the fine that is imposed by the court.

The Supporting Deposition

A supporting deposition is a further description of the charge levied against a driver.  The supporting deposition must include:

  1. The ticket number
  2. The name of the officer
  3. The name of the driver
  4. The law, section, and subsection of the charge
  5. A description of the violation
  6. The date the ticket was issued
  7. The time the violation took place
  8. The name of the City, Town, or Village with jurisdiction
  9. The vehicle year, make, color, license plate number, and state
  10. The highway type
  11. The basis of the charge
  12. The basis of verification
  13. Any additional information
  14. Any 710.30 notices
  15. The oath affirmation PL 210.45

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