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Chenango County is surrounded by several major highways.  Some of these include I-81, I-88, and I-90.  For the most part, these roads are patrolled by the New York State Police.  During the summer months, the State Police tackle the task of promoting driver safety and issue many different types of traffic tickets.  Most frequently, the ticket of choice is written under VTL 1180 (b) or VTL 1180 (d). 

Traffic tickets issued by the State Police are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office.  Most drivers whom are issued tickets face significant insurance increases, points on their license, and hundreds in fines.

Some of these adverse consequences can be avoided by hiring our award winning speeding ticket defense law firm.  If you are in need of legal assistance, call our lawyers now at 800-893-9645 to schedule your confidential consultation.

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01 to 10 mph over the limit3
11 to 204
21 to 306
31 to 408
More than 4011


Afton Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Afton Town  Court
PO Box 402
169 Main Street
Afton, NY 13730
 (607) 639-2505 Town Justice

Bainbridge Ticket Lawyer
Bainbridge Town  Court
15 North Main Street
Bainbridge, NY 13733
(607) 967-3781

Columbus Town Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Columbus Town Court
PO Box 916
4340 State Highway 80
New Berlin, NY 13411-0916
 (607) 847-9970  

Coventry Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Coventry Town Court
1839 State Highway 235
Greene, NY 13778
(607) 656-8602

Earlville Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Earlville Village Court
PO Box 88
8 North Main Street
Earlville, NY 13332
(315) 691-2121

German Traffic Ticket Lawyer
German Town Court
2491 County Road 2
McDonough, NY 13801

Greene Town Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Greene Town  Court
PO Box 129
51 Genesee Street
Greene, NY 13778
(607) 656-4191

Guilford Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Guilford Town Court
223 Marble Road
Guilford, NY 13780
 (607) 895-6831

Lincklaen Traffic Ticet Lawyer
1675 County Road 12 (Physical address)
DeRuyter, NY, 13052 
(315) 852-6043  

New Berlin Traffic Ticket Lawyer
New Berlin Town Court
P.O. Box 308 (Court mailing address)
30 North Main Street
New Berlin, NY 13411-0308
(607) 847-8962  

North Norwich Traffic Ticket Lawyer
North Norwich Town Court
P.O. Box 176 (Court mailing address)
188 County Road 23
North Norwich, NY 13814-0176
(607) 334-9224

Norwich Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Norwich Town  Court
157 County Road 32A
Norwich, NY 13815
(607) 337-2301

Otselic Traffic Lawyer
Otselic Town  Court
PO Box 275
133 County Road 13
South Otselic, NY 13155
(315) 653-7201

Oxford Town Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Oxford Town Court
PO Box 1224 (Town Court mailing address)
20 LaFayette Park (Physical address)
Oxford, NY 13830
(607) 843-9757  

Pharsalia Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Pharsalia Town Court
PO Box 39
1045 County Road 8
East Pharsalia, NY 13758
 (607) 647-5030  

Pitcher Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Pitcher Town Court
PO Box 97
145 Town Hall Road
Pitcher, NY 13136
 (607) 863-4350 Justice Court

Plymouth Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Plymouth Town Court
P.O. Box 27 (Court mailing address)
3461 State Highway 23
Plymouth, NY 13832
(607) 334-3938  

Preston Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Preston Town Court
387 County Road 10A
Oxford, NY 13815
(607) 334-9334  

Sherburne Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Sherburne Town Court
PO Box 860
1 Canal Street
Sherburne, NY 13460
 (607) 674-4827 Court Office

Smithville Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Smithville Town Court
The Smithville Community Center
5285 State Highway 41
PO Box 217
Smithville Flats, NY 13841
 (607) 656-4727  

Smyrna Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Smyrna Justice Court
103 Quaker Hill Road
Smyrna, NY 13464
 (607) 627-6808  

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