Thursday, May 29, 2014

Queensbury Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Queensbury Town Court

During the summer months, many drivers pass through this bucolic town en route to family reunions, vacation destinations, and summer camp.  During their travels, it is easy to exceed the posted speed limit and be pulled over by a New York State Trooper.  Most speeding tickets can result in a costly fine, penalty fees to the department of motor vehicles, points on a license, and insurance increases.

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When a driver is charged with a traffic violation in NYS, there are a number of immediate adverse consequences confronting them.  These consequences can include but not be limited to points on your license, increased insurance costs, even a suspended license.

The Court

Queensbury Town Court is located at 742 Bay Road, Queensbury, NY 12804.  It is located in Warren County.  This court is one of several local courts in the county and is located in the 4th Judicial District within the New York State Judicial system. 

This court has limited power to adjudicate cases.  Most cases heard in this court are traffic matters, small claims, evictions, civil matters and criminal offenses. The Town Court plays a critical role in the resolution of lower level judicial matters within the town and helps the courts of higher jurisdiction concentrate on more serious matters.

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