Monday, April 21, 2014

Official Guide to Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Colesville

Speeding Tickets in Colesville, NY

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The Town of Colesville has a population of 5,232 (2010 U.S. Census), and covers nearly 80 square miles in northeastern Broome County. Interstate-88 and New York State Routes 7 and 79 serve the area, and State Route 235 intersects Route 7, north of town.

These highways generally cover many open stretches of road where a driver can easily lose sight of their speedometer. In such cases drivers can find themselves facing a hefty speeding ticket. 

If you have been issued a traffic ticket that is returnable to Colesville Town Court, give our experienced attorneys a call today. We have helped hundreds of clients like you save money, points and insurance increases. Our attorneys can be reached at 800-893-9645. 

What Should I Expect in Court?

Checking-In: Upon arriving to court it is important that you notify the court clerk that you are present for your court case. A failure to do so can result in your case not being called. 

Dress Code: Although there is no official dress code, we highly encourage you dress in formal wear. The judges often frown upon those individuals who come to court in shorts, open-toed sandals, or other such items. 

Security: The court is a secure place, it is advised that all electronics be turned off and all weapons or sharp objects left at home. Upon your arrival, you will be asked to walk through a magnetometer. 

What to Bring: It is advised that you bring your notice to appear from the court. If you are displaced, a court personnel can help navigate you to where you have to be and what you have to do. Drivers should also bring in their driving record. If your record is clean, this can help mitigate your situation. 

Tip: If your case is resolved at the pre-trial conference, the court will ask that you pay any fines with the Court Clerk.  It is important that you bring enough money to cover any court fees or fines.

Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney could help save you a lot of money on fines, penalties and insurance increases. Not to mention points on your license and the time spent going to and from court. At Villanueva and Sanchala, we provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation. As such, we are known as some of the best lawyers in New York State. 

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How will a speeding conviction affect my insurance?

There are many different things insurance companies take into consideration when they determine a driver’s insurance rate.  For the most part, the algorithm used is proprietary in nature and the average driver will not be privy to this information. 

Some things considered in an insurance policy can include but is not limited to a driver’s age, their accident history, the type of car driven, and any convictions to moving violations.

Why did they court not accept my plea of guilty by mail?

It is the court’s right to require a driver to appear in court.  Some circumstance for which they may require a driver to appear can include an unusually high speed or criminal charges being levied against a defendant.

Can’t every speeding ticket be dismissed or resolved with zero points?

Every case is unique. Every court is unique. It is difficult to make a blanket statement with regard the ultimate resolution of a legal matter.