Sunday, December 22, 2013

Warrensburg Ticket Lawyer

Fighting your Warrensburg speeding ticket may be easier than you think. Our Warren County traffic lawyers have 
represented hundreds of drivers throughout New York State and work to make the process of saving money for drivers as simple as possible.
  For the typical speeding ticket, our client’s never go to court and we can help them save time, money, points on their license and reduce their exposure to nasty insurance increases.  So if you were one of the unfortunate drivers to be ticketed on I-87 or the related local roads, give us a call to learn how we can help.


The more you know about the speeding ticket process, the better prepared you will be for the speeding ticket experience.  Here is some basic information about the court.

The clerk of the court is Naomi Cooper.  The primary function of the clerk is to assist in the court’s day to day functioning.  This includes but is not limited to collecting fine money, answering questions over the phone, and sending out letters to litigants.

The court is located at 3797 Main Street in Warrensburg, NY 12885.  The court can be reached by both telephone and fax.  Their telephone number is 518-623-9776 and their fax number is 518-623-4367.

The clerk maintains office hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday through Friday.  Court is in session every Wednesday at 9:00 am and at times deemed necessary for justice.  This may include an emergency arraignment or hardship hearing.

The court employs two part time judges which are elected to a four year term.  These judges must re-run upon the expiration of their term.  These judges are responsible for upholding the laws of New York and the US Constitution.  Within their jurisdictional boundaries includes all misdemeanor matters, some felony procedures, civil cases involving $3,000.00 or less in controversy, and non-felony traffic tickets.  The majority of the traffic tickets heard in this court are speeding tickets, move over law violations, cell phone violations, driving with a suspended license, and DWI.


Beating a speeding ticket at trial is not impossible, but it is improbable.  While every case is different and needs to be evaluated on its own merits, for the most part, beating a ticket can be very challenging.

In my experience handling hundreds of speeding tickets, I find the biggest challenge for a driver to be the cross examination of an experienced traffic officer. 

The majority of tickets in Warrensburg are written by the NYS Police (i.e., a Trooper).  These officers are highly trained police officers with many trials under their belt.  It is unlikely that your ticket will be their first trial.  As such, there will be very little that the officer has not seen or heard on cross-examination.  After numerous times testifying, they process of testifying at a speeding ticket trial almost appears to be routine.

This is not to say that a driver should give up all hope on their ticket.  I am just saying a traffic trial is not as easy as it may appear.


Sometimes the old saying is true, “You can get more with sugar than you do with salt.”  Implementing this approach means that presenting credible mitigating circumstances may further reduce your exposure to fines, penalties, and insurance increases.  Our attorneys are familiar with very strong and compelling strategies to help reduce driver’s exposure to fines, points, and insurance increases.  If you are interested in fighting your Warrensburg traffic ticket, give us a call today.

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