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The number one question for anyone faced with a speeding ticket is how much will this ticket cost me?  The answer will vary greatly depending on the individual person ticketed in Ashford.  But, this blog should be broad enough to answer the question for the majority of drivers.

How much will a ticket cost of a driver pleads no contest?

There are many factors to consider in determining the cost of a ticket.  Some expenses may be applicable to some drivers and not others.  For example, a driver that lives in Cattaraugus County may find it simple to get to Ashford Town Court and may have very little expense getting to court.  However, a driver that was traveling through Ashford en route to vacation may encounter an 8 hour round trip journey to fight the same ticket.  Thereby the cost just to get to court can be prohibitive for a driver. Note, if you hire our law firm, we can appear by authorization thereby eliminating the need for you to appear in court.

In terms of quantifiable dollars and cents, the average conviction to a 76/55 mph zone will usually face a fine up to about $400.00, a $300.00 fine payable to DMV, and a few hundred dollars in insurance increases.

Note, insurance costs can vary for two very similar situated drivers.  A speeding conviction is not the only factor taken under consideration by insurance companies.  They will also examine things such as a driver’s age, type of car driven, and car accident history.


Ashford Town Court is in the 8th Judicial District of the New York Unified Court System.  The 8th JD is comprised of courts falling within Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans & Wyoming counties.

It is a local court responsible for adjudicating civil, criminal, and offenses.  Within the purview of civil cases heard in this court are landlord tenant cases, zoning issues, and monetary disputes up to $3,000.00 in nature.  It has dispose of all misdemeanor criminal cases including but not limited to Menacing in the 5th degree and Driving with a Suspended License. 


The court is located at:
9377 Route 240,
West Valley, NY 14171

The presiding Judge is Judge Carl Stiles.

Ashford Town Court is in the northern section of Cattaraugus County, New York.


While the court receives many tickets from the NYS State Police, there are many police agencies with the authority to make their traffic violations returnable to Ashford Court.  These agencies can include the DEP, Sheriff, and local police. 

Traffic matters for the most part are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office.  District Attorney’s Office is also in charge of representing the People of the State of New York with criminal matters.

Ashford receives a large number of tickets from travelers driving along Route 240.


Our speeding ticket lawyers have represented drivers all the way from Montauk Point to Rochester.  Let our skilled traffic defense attorneys work for you and fight your next traffic ticket.

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