Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lying To Police To Avoid A Speeding Is Not Advisable

Undoubtedly, lying to the police has helped a countless number of criminal suspects evade prosecution; however, the lies have also come back to haunt many in spades.  

Recently, a woman in New Hampshire learned the hard way that lying to police to avoid a speeding ticket was the wrong choice.

Carley Williams of Nashua was pulled over for driving at 82 mph.  Rather than accepting her speeding ticket, she lied to the issuing officer.  She explained that she was in a rush to see her sick father.  The officer let her go without a ticket, but he did take note of her personal information for further investigation.

Upon review, it came to light that Ms. William's father passed away 5 years earlier and that she lied to an officer.

Instead of accepting a simple moving violation, Ms. Williams found herself charged and arrested. She is now facing criminal prosecution.

If you are facing a simple moving violation, the worst thing you can do is to lie to a police officer.  If you are in need of fight a traffic ticket in New York, give our lawyers a call at 914-723-7900.