Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York Worker's Compensation Board Fines Employers of Nannies

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In June 2011, many New York small business owners and homeowners who employ nannies were issued serious monetary penalties by the New York Worker's Compensation Board for failing to have required workers compensation insurance coverage under Section 52(5) of the law. For many individuals throughout New York State, these government penalties and fines could mean financial ruin if they do not obtain experienced legal assistance. Our top New York Lawyers have over 25 years of experience and have saved our clients over $1,000,000 in penalties, fines and judgments and can help you. Our Workers Compensation Penalty Defense lawyers will fight to protect your business and your assets.

In recent years, New York State has raised the monetary fines for not having workers compensation insurance coverage by approximately ten fold. Currently, covered employers who do not have required coverage are subject to a $2,000 fine for every 10 days of non-compliance. In addition to a Workers Compensation Penalty or Fine, businesses may receive a Stop Work Order meaning they cannot operate their business until they are in compliance with the law. These penalties and fines can result in judgments which can adversely affect your assets including your home. Some Workers Compensation penalties, fines or Orders may carry criminal charges as well.

New York State workers' compensation insurance covers employees who suffer work-related accidents, injuries or illness. While it is important for employers to have such coverage, New York State is using this non-compliance as a method to raise revenue. It is very important for you to contact our experienced workers compensation penalty defense attorneys immediately to fight your fine and protect your business. Undue delay can cause significant harm to you and your business. Call now for a free telephone consultation at 914-723-7900

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