Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CDL Holders Beware When Driving in New York

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This blog gives a brief description into some reasons why a truck driver or CDL driver can be suspended.

Driving a commercial vehicle in New York can be tricky. In our experience, we have come across many truck drivers that are stymied by the myriad of laws that they must come into compliance with in the state. Failure to comply with some of these rules and regulations may cause a commercial driver to lose their driver's license. A Commercial driver's license is often called a CDL.

In NY, a truck driver with a CDL can have their license suspended for a "serious traffic violation." Some violations that will result in a suspension include but are not limited a speeding conviction at least 15 MPH over the limit, improper lane change violations, reckless driving, and tailgating. Don't forget there a many DWI and DUI type convictions that could also result in a suspension. This list is not meant to be comprehensive but a sample of violations that can result in a suspension of a CDL. Each case is different. This article is not a substitute for a full consultation with an attorney.

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